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Happy Living™ GROUP

Vaastu Happy Living

Vaastu Happy Living™ Group is being established with an objective & agenda to generate vaastu awareness all over the world & bring together every individual connected to any form of Vedic sciences like vaastu, astrology, feng-shui, numerology & related sciences to discuss & spread happiness through their knowledge & applications.

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success. A group becomes a team when all members are sure enough of themselves and their contributions to praise the skill of others. Lets all come together to make this Group the No.1 Vaastu Groupin the World.

VAASTU Happy Living™ means creating happiness throughout the world through nature’s lively principles & vedic sciences.

As a Vaastu Happy Living™ Group Member you get:
* Lifetime FREE membership (valid only till 31st December 2008, after which this would be a charged membership)
* 10% discount on all Vaastu Happy Living™ products, services & courses always.
* One online in-detailed vaastu consultancy for FREE.
* Opportunity to be in touch with renowned vaastu consultants, astrologers & vedic science experts’ world wide.
* Opportunity to meet interesting people all around the world with common interests & knowledge under one roof.
* Regular Updates on your email.
* FREE Newsletters.
* Opportunity to be a part of the seminars organized by the Vaastu Happy Living™ Group.
* Many more lifetime benefits.

For further details mail us at: ; or
, and make sure to collect your
Happy Living™ Group MEMBERSHIP CARD
within 1 month of registration:


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(With effect from 1st January 2009)

Life time membership charges Rs. 2100/-